Radically modern and truly dramatic, the Tote Bar, located on the upper level of the Tote building, is a visually spectacular space with intricately faceted, polished, teak paneled surfaces embracing a forty-foot, cathedralesque, vaulted interior space, designed to mirror the trees outside.

Two wrought iron mezzanines suspended from the ceilings help create intrigue while the ample long space features the pulsating bar below.

The music is au point and current, and the attentive bar staff serves up a fantastic array of classic and unique cocktails. The food at the bar is a selection of the exhaustive kebab offerings from Neel, the Indian cuisine restaurant at Tote, served in a manner to fashion an elegant tapas bar.

The suspended mezzanine floor is limited to VIP table bookings and private parties, each of which is serviced by personal butlers.